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HomeworkCreate a homework in a form of a quiz
Which subjectEnglish
What age groupYear or Grade 8
What topicSurfing
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Instructions: Answer the following questions about surfing.

  1. What is surfing?
  2. What is the history of surfing?
  3. What is the equipment needed for surfing?
  4. What are the most popular surfing spots in the world?
  5. What are the common techniques used in surfing?


  1. Surfing is a water sport where the rider uses a board to ride on the waves.
  2. Surfing was first documented in Polynesia and Hawaii in the 18th century. It was then introduced to the California coast in the early 20th century.
  3. The equipment needed for surfing includes a surfboard, a wetsuit, fins, and wax.
  4. Some of the most popular surfing spots in the world include Pipeline in Hawaii, Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa, and Bondi Beach in Australia.
  5. Common techniques used in surfing include paddling, popping up, trimming, carving, and barrel riding.