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Lesson planLesson plan
What to createLesson plan
Which subjectScience
What topic Collect and evaluate qualitative data to describe substances using physical properties (state, boiling/melting point, density, heat/electrical conductivity, color, and magnetic properties).
What length (min)50
What age groupYear or Grade 7
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Academic Subject: Science

Grade Level: Year/Grade 7 (Age 11-12)

Lesson Length: 50 minutes




  1. Introduction (5 minutes)

    • Ask students what they remember about physical properties from previous lessons.
    • Explain that in this lesson, they will be collecting and evaluating qualitative data on different substances using physical properties.
  2. Demonstrating Physical Properties (15 minutes)

    • Show students different substances (water, oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, sand, iron filings, aluminum foil) and ask them to describe the physical properties of each, such as state of matter, color, texture, etc.
    • Demonstrate how to measure physical properties such as mass, volume, boiling/melting point, density, etc.
    • Discuss the importance of accurate measurement for reliable data collection.
  3. Collecting Data (15 minutes)

    • In pairs or small groups, students will be assigned one substance to observe and record physical properties.
    • Students will use beakers, test tubes or other small containers and digital scales to measure mass, thermometers to measure temperature, and magnets to test magnetic properties.
    • Students will record their observations and measurements in their notebook.
  4. Analyzing Data (10 minutes)

    • As a class, discuss the data collected and compare and contrast the physical properties of the different substances.
    • Encourage students to identify patterns and relationships between physical properties.
  5. Homework (5 minutes)

    • Assign students to identify and describe the physical properties of one substance in their own home and record their observations in their notebook.