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Are you ready to solve a mystery? Today we're going to put our math skills to the test and try to solve a math mystery.

But first, let's review some basic math concepts that will be important for solving the mystery.

Place Value Review

Remember that each digit in a number has a place value, depending on where it appears in the number. For example, in the number 3,482, the '3' is in the thousands place, the '4' is in the hundreds place, the '8' is in the tens place, and the '2' is in the ones place.

Addition and Subtraction Basics

We'll be using our addition and subtraction skills to solve the math mystery. Remember that when adding or subtracting, we need to line up the numbers according to their place values.

The Math Mystery

Now it's time to put our skills to the test and solve the math mystery! Here's what we know:

Let's work together to solve this math mystery using our place value, addition, and subtraction skills!