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What age groupAdult courses
What topicSocial network
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  1. Define what a social network is and give an example.

  2. What role does computer science play in the development and maintenance of social networks?

  3. List and describe the different types of social networks.

  4. What is the difference between a social network and a social media platform?

  5. Discuss the pros and cons of using social networks for communication and relationship building.

  6. How can social networks influence business practices?

  7. What is the most popular social network in the world and how does it differ from other social networks?

  8. Explain the concept of "network effects" and how it applies to social networks.

  9. What ethical and privacy concerns surround the use of social networks?

  10. How do algorithms affect our social network experience?

  11. Can social networks be used for educational purposes?

  12. Discuss the impact of social networks on society as a whole.

  13. How are social networks used in the field of politics?

  14. What precautions should one take when using social networks to prevent cyberbullying and online harassment?

  15. What is the future of social networks and how will they evolve?

  16. Describe a recent technological innovation in social networks and how it has affected the way people interact on these platforms.

  17. How do social networks differ in terms of user demographics?

  18. Explain the concept of "viral content" and how it is important to social networks.

  19. What are some potential dangers associated with using social networks, such as addiction and mental health issues?

  20. How do social networks connect people across geographic and cultural boundaries?