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What topicBiomechanics
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Imagine lifting a heavy object and feeling a sudden pain in your back. Or, consider running a marathon and feeling a dull ache in your knees. How do our bodies react to these physical movements? Why do some people experience injuries while others don't? Can we prevent these injuries and improve our physical performance?


In this lesson, we will introduce the concept of biomechanics and how it relates to our overall health and physical well-being.

Key Terms:

Before we dive into the lesson, let's define some key terms:


We will begin by discussing the importance of biomechanics in our daily lives and how it affects our physical abilities. We will then explore the different subfields of biomechanics and discuss their applications in sports, medicine, and rehabilitation. Finally, we will investigate the most common biomechanical injuries, their causes, and how to prevent them.


By the end of this lesson, you will have a deeper understanding of biomechanics and its relationship with our overall health and daily activities. You will also be equipped with practical knowledge to prevent injuries and improve your physical performance.