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Religion is an important part of understanding human civilizations, and the Old Testament Survey is crucial for Christian believers. This course is designed to explore the Old Testament and provide a basic understanding of the history, context, and key figures of this text.

Course Overview

The Old Testament Survey course is made up of 24 lessons, and each lesson lasts approximately 90 minutes. The course content has been broken down into six modules to help students better understand the material.

Module 1: Introduction to the Old Testament (Lessons 1-4)

Module 2: The Historical Books (Lessons 5-8)

Module 3: The Wisdom Books (Lessons 9-12)

Module 4: The Major Prophets (Lessons 13-16)

Module 5: The Minor Prophets (Lessons 17-20)

Module 6: Conclusion (Lessons 21-24)

Learning Outcomes

Assessment and Evaluation

Required Materials


By the end of the Old Testament Survey course, students would have gained a solid understanding of the prophets, historical figures and events, the wisdom literature, and the literary and historical context of the Old Testament. This course will be taught in a way that is engaging, challenging, and rewarding, and will equip students with lifelong skills and knowledge.