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Lesson planLesson plan
What to createLesson plan
Which subjectBiology
What topicHomeostasis
What length (min)30
What age groupYear or Grade 11
Include homework
Include images descriptions
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The objective of this lesson is to introduce the concept of homeostasis and its importance in living organisms.


This lesson aligns with the following standards:

Materials Needed

Anticipatory Set

Teacher will start with a discussion on what students know about how the human body works. Students will be asked if they have ever considered how we maintain a constant internal environment, despite changes in the external environment.

Direct Instruction

Introduction to Homeostasis

Homeostatic mechanisms

Examples of homeostasis in action

Guided Practice

Students will be given handouts with scenarios where homeostasis is disrupted. In groups, students will discuss the feedback loop that would be involved in restoring homeostasis.

Independent Practice

For homework, students will be tasked with researching a specific example of homeostasis and creating a presentation to share with the class.


To conclude the lesson, students will share their presentations with the class. The teacher will review the key points of the lesson and encourage students to think about how homeostasis affects their daily lives.


Formative assessment will include class discussions and group activities. Summative assessment will be based on the quality of the homework presentations.