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Test your knowledge on coastal landforms with this quiz!

  1. What is a coastline? A. The line where the land meets the ocean B. The line where the waves break on the shore C. The line where the sand meets the water

  2. What is an example of a depositional coastal landform? A. Headland B. Bay C. Barrier island

  3. What is an example of an erosional coastal landform? A. Spit B. Tombolo C. Sea arch

  4. What is a sea stack? A. A tall, isolated rock outcropping near the coastline B. A mass of rocks and sediment deposited by a glacier along the shoreline C. A small, narrow inlet along the coastline

  5. What is a sea cave? A. A cave formed by the erosion of waves along cliff walls B. A naturally forming pool of water along the coastline C. An artificial structure built to prevent coastal erosion

  6. What is a spit? A. A thin strip of land that connects an island to the mainland B. A sloping, typically flat area between two large areas of elevation C. A narrow strip of sand or gravel that extends from the shoreline into the water

  7. What is a tombolo? A. A spit that connects an island to the mainland B. A large, natural bay formed by the erosion of waves C. A coastal landform created by the accumulation of sediment around an offshore rock or island

  8. What is a barrier island? A. A long, narrow sandy island that runs parallel to the mainland B. A large, steep cliff that drops into the ocean C. A small island surrounded by coral reefs

  9. What is a headland? A. A high, steep face of rock or soil that borders the sea. B. A large, flat area of land near the coast, often at the mouth of a river C. A natural or man-made wall designed to protect the coast from erosion

  10. What is a wave-cut platform? A. A flat, elevated area created by the erosion of waves against a rock face B. A small, easy to access beach along the coastline C. An underwater cliff formed by the movement of tectonic plates.