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Which subjectMathematics
What topicIntegration
What length (min)30
What age groupYear or Grade 11
Class size20
What curriculum
Include full script
Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
Show correct answers
Prepare slides
Number of slides5
Create fill-in cards for students
Create creative backup tasks for unexpected moments

Lesson plan


Basic Information

Lesson Structure

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Homework Check 5 min Check homework from previous lesson silently
2 Introduction 5 min Define Integration and give examples
3 Group Activity 10 min Students work in groups to solve integration problems
4 Discussion 5 min Discuss group answers as a class
5 Physical Activity 3 min Quick exercise to increase student engagement
6 Practice Problems 5 min Students solve integration problems on their own
7 Card Activity 2 min Distribute printable cards for students to fill
8 Card Collection 1 min Collect or randomly check what students have filled in
9 Assign Homework 2 min Assign homework to reinforce the new concept

Note: Provide a worksheet with integration problems for the students to work on during Step 6.

Lesson script

Step 1: Homework Check (5 min)

Teacher: Good morning class, let's begin by checking yesterday's homework. Please take out your exercise books and your homework.

Step 2: Introduction (5 min)

Teacher: Today we will be learning about Integration. Integration is a mathematical concept where we find the area underneath curves. Let me give you an example - if we have a function f(x), and we want to find the area under the curve of that function between two points, then we use Integration to determine that area.

Step 3: Group Activity (10 min)

Teacher: Now, I would like you to form groups of five, and I will give each group a worksheet with integration problems. Work together in solving the problems on the worksheet, and make sure everyone in the group participates.

Step 4: Discussion (5 min)

Teacher: Let's take a few minutes to discuss the answers as a class. Who wants to go first?

Step 5: Physical Activity (3 min)

Teacher: Okay, now let's have a quick physical activity break to increase student engagement. Everybody stand up and stretch out your arms and legs.

Step 6: Practice Problems (5 min)

Teacher: Now, it's time to practice solving some integration problems on your own. Here's a worksheet with a few practice problems. Try to solve them yourself and let me know if you have any difficulty.

Step 7: Card Activity (2 min)

Teacher: Next, I am going to distribute some printable cards. Take a card and fill it with a real-life example of Integration.

Step 8: Card Collection (1 min)

Teacher: Please pass your cards forward, or I will randomly check some to see what you have written.

Step 9: Assign Homework (2 min)

Teacher: Finally, I will assign homework, which will reinforce the new concept we have learned today. Please take out your notebooks. Your homework is to solve the exercise problems assigned on page 34 of your textbook.


Teacher: That's all for today. I hope you learned something new about Integration, and be sure to complete your homework. Goodbye.


|--------------|-----------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 1 | {Image: None} | Step 1: Homework Check | | 2 | {Image: None} | Step 2: Introduction
- Definition of Integration
- Explanation using an example | | 3 | {Image: Group of Students working} | Step 3: Group Activity
- Group Formation
- Group Worksheet handed out
- Working in Groups to solve problems | | 4 | {Image: Group of Students discussing} | Step 4: Discussion
- Class discussion of answers
- Students volunteering answers | | 5 | {Image: Stretching} | Step 5: Physical Activity
- Brief physical activity break to increase engagement | | 6 | {Image: Worksheet with practice problems} | Step 6: Practice Problems
- Solving Integration problems individually | | 7 | {Image: Printable cards} | Step 7: Card Activity
- Cards handed out
- Students fill out card with a real-life example involving integration | | 8 | {Image: Passing cards forward} | Step 8: Card Collection
- Cards passed forward to be collected | | 9 | {Image: Textbook} | Step 9: Assign Homework
- Homework assigned for reinforcement of learning |


  1. What is Integration?

  2. What is the purpose of using Integration?

  3. What is the formula for finding the area under a curve using Integration?

  4. What are the different types of Integration?

  5. What are the steps involved in solving Integration problems?

  6. What kind of problems can be solved using Integration?

  7. What are the applications of Integration in real-life scenarios?

  8. Solve the Integration problem: ∫(6x^2 + 3x - 1)dx

  9. Solve the Integration problem: ∫(cosx/2 + x^2 - 5)dx

  10. Solve the Integration problem: ∫e^(4x)dx

  11. What is the difference between Definite and Indefinite Integrals?

  12. Explain the concept of Integration by Substitution.

  13. What is the Trapezoidal rule in Integration?

  14. Provide an example of an Integration problem that can be solved using the Trapezoidal rule.

  15. What is Simpson's rule in Integration, and when is it used?


|-----------------------------------------------------|--------| | What is Integration? | | | How do we find the area under a curve using Integration? | | | What is the purpose of the group activity? | | | How will we solve integration problems in the group activity? | | | What is the purpose of the physical activity break? | | | What is the purpose of the practice problems? | | | What is the purpose of the card activity? | | | What is the homework assigned? | |

Backup questions

  1. Can you give me an example of a real-life application of integration?
  2. How do you know when to use integration instead of differentiation?
  3. Can you explain to someone who has never heard of integration what it means?
  4. What is the difference between definite and indefinite integrals?
  5. How do you find the area under a curve if the curve is not a continuous function?

Physical break