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Which subjectArt
What topicBoys is at Vincent
What length (min)30
What age groupDoesn't matter
Class size20
What curriculum
Include full script
Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
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Number of slides5
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Lesson plan



Lesson Details

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Introduction 5 minutes Introduce Vincent Van Gogh and his artworks.
2 Homework Check 5 minutes Check the previous lesson's homework without asking any students to present it in front of the class.
3 Art Technique Exploration 10 minutes Show images of Vincent Van Gogh's artworks and discuss the different art techniques used by him.
4 Group Activity 5 minutes Divide students into groups of 4 and distribute an A3 sized paper to each group. Ask them to come up with a collaborative artwork using techniques inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.
5 Individual Artwork Creation 5 minutes Give each student a canvas paper, paints, and brushes. Ask them to create their own artwork based on Vincent Van Gogh's style and techniques.
6 Conclusion 5 minutes Ask students to share their artworks with the class. Assign homework which could be a continuation of their artwork, or a research assignment on Vincent Van Gogh's life.

Grade/Age Group

This lesson is appropriate for students of all ages.

Number of Students

The lesson is designed for a class of 20 students.

National Curriculum

This lesson corresponds with the national curriculum, which emphasizes the development of students’ imaginative and creative skills in arts and design.


Assign homework which could be a continuation of the artwork they have started in class, or a research assignment on Vincent Van Gogh's life.

Lesson script

"Good morning everyone, today we are going to learn about Vincent Van Gogh. He is one of the most famous artists in history and he made some really beautiful artwork. Let's learn more about him and his style of art."

Homework Check

"Before we start, let's quickly check the homework that you all were assigned in the previous lesson. Please take out your homework and keep it on your desk but don't present it now."

Art Technique Exploration

"Please look at these images of Vincent Van Gogh's artworks. Do you notice anything special about the way they are painted or the colors used? Vincent Van Gogh used some very unique techniques while making his paintings. Let's discuss them and see if we can identify them."

Group Activity

"Alright, now we are going to break up into groups of four people. Each group will get a big piece of paper and you will have to create a collaborative artwork inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's techniques. Make sure that all of you contribute and have fun while doing this."

Individual Artwork Creation

"Great job everyone! Now, I want you to create your own artwork using Vincent Van Gogh's style and techniques. You will have all the necessary materials like canvas paper, paints, and brushes. Be creative and have fun!"


"Wow, that was amazing! I am really impressed with all of your artwork. Next, please share your artwork with everyone and tell us which technique you used and what inspired you. For homework, I want you to either continue working on your artwork or do some research on Vincent Van Gogh's life. See you next time!"


  1. What is the name of the famous artist that we learned about in today's class?
  2. How would you describe Vincent Van Gogh's style of art?
  3. What are some of the unique techniques that Vincent Van Gogh used in his artworks?
  4. What was the group activity in today's class? What did you create in your group?
  5. Can you name one technique that you used in your individual artwork? How did you use it?
  6. For homework, research Vincent Van Gogh's life and write a short paragraph about what you learned and how it influenced his artwork.

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