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Which subjectMathematics
What topicFilm boys of st Vincent
What length (min)30
What age groupDoesn't matter
Class size20
What curriculum
Include full script
Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
Show correct answers
Prepare slides
Number of slides5
Create fill-in cards for students
Create creative backup tasks for unexpected moments

Lesson plan

Film Boys of St Vincent



Grade/Age Group

Doesn't matter



Lesson Structure

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Introduction 5 min - Greet the students
- Introduce the topic
2 Film Screening 10 min - Screen the film
- Encourage students to take note of any mathematical significance in the film
3 Group Discussion 7 min - Divide students into groups of 4
- Encourage discussion of any mathematical themes in the film
4 Holding Cards 5 min - Distribute printable cards to students
- Instruct students to fill in the cards based on mathematical themes in the film
5 Card Collection/Checking 3 min - Collect and check cards from random students
6 Homework Assignment 5 min - Assign homework that involves mathematical thinking and analysis based on the film

National Curriculum

The lesson aligns with the national curriculum by integrating mathematical concepts into an interdisciplinary framework. Students are encouraged to explore a film from a mathematical perspective, thereby deepening their critical thinking skills and understanding of mathematics in the world around them.


The homework will be assigned at the end of the lesson. It will involve mathematical thinking and analysis based on the film Boys of St Vincent. Homework will be checked without asking any students to present it in front of the class.

Group Task

During step 3, students will be divided into groups of 4 for discussion of any mathematical themes in the film.

Printable Cards

During step 4, students will be given printable cards to fill based on mathematical themes in the film. The content of the cards will not be provided in the plan.

Checking Filled Cards

During step 5, collected cards will be randomly checked for accuracy.

Lesson script


Hello students! Today we are going to watch a movie called Boys of St. Vincent and explore some of the mathematical concepts in it.

Film Screening

Now, let's start the movie. While you're watching, I want you to pay attention to any mathematical significance that you might notice.

Group Discussion

After the movie is over, we will divide into groups of four and talk about any mathematical themes that came up in the film.

Holding Cards

Next, I will give you each a printable card to fill in based on any mathematical themes you noticed in the movie. Don't worry, you won't have to present them in front of the class.

Card Collection/Checking

After everyone fills in their cards, I will collect them and randomly check them for accuracy.

Homework Assignment

Finally, I will assign you some homework that involves mathematical thinking and analysis based on the film.

That's all for today. Let's get started!


  1. In the film, the students attend a school that is run by the Christian Brothers. What role did math play in the curriculum? Why do you think math was emphasized so much in their education? Provide examples from the movie to support your answer.

  2. One of the students in the film, Kevin, struggled with math and was held back a year. Why do you think he had difficulty with math? What resources might have helped him improve his skills?

  3. The school in the film is faced with financial troubles and is struggling to keep its doors open. What role does math play in their financial struggles? How could better financial planning have made a difference in their situation?

  4. The main character, John, is particularly good at math and goes on to pursue a career in engineering. How does his experience at the school influence his career path? How does he continue to use math in his work?

  5. In the film, one of the Christian Brothers explains to John that math is "the language of the universe." What do you think he means by that statement? Provide examples from the film or real life to support your answer.


| --- | --- | | What is the title of the movie we watched in class? | | | Was there any mathematical significance in the movie? If so, what did you notice? | | | What did you discuss in your group regarding mathematical themes in the movie? | | | What information did you put on your holding card? | | | Did the teacher collect and check your holding cards for accuracy? | | | What was the homework assignment based on? | |

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