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Course Goal:

The goal of this course is to improve the students' English communication skills to enable them to communicate effectively in various professional and personal scenarios.

Module 1: Introduction to English Communication

Lesson 1: Course Expectations and Objectives

Lesson 2: Language and Communication

Lesson 3: Effective Communication

Module 2: Interpersonal Communication

Lesson 4: Active Listening and Speaking

Lesson 5: Conflict Resolution

Lesson 6: Building Healthy Relationships

Module 3: Professional Communication

Lesson 7: Writing for Professional Purposes

Lesson 8: Public Speaking

Lesson 9: Communication in the Workplace

Module 4: Digital Communication

Lesson 10: Email Etiquette

Lesson 11: Social Media Communication

Lesson 12: Video Conferencing

Module 5: Communication in Daily Life

Lesson 13: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Lesson 14: Emotional Intelligence

Lesson 15: Cultural Awareness

Module 6: Advanced Communication Skills

Lesson 16: Persuasive Communication

Lesson 17: Negotiation Skills

Lesson 18: Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Module 7: Capstone Project

Lesson 19-29: Capstone Project

Lesson 30: Course Review and Assessment


This course will equip the students with essential communication skills to help them communicate effectively in different personal and professional situations. The course will cover different modules, each focusing on an essential communication skill. The goal of the course is to establish a strong foundation for effective communication, develop the necessary skills, and provide practice opportunities to apply these skills in different scenarios.