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Full lessonCreate for a teacher a set of content for giving a lesson, beginning with the lesson plan. Each new block of materials must begin with an H1 heading (other subheaders must be H2, H3, etc). When you describe required pictures, write those descriptions in curly brackets, for example: {A picture of a triangle}
Which subjectComputer science
What topicComputer basics
What length (min)30
What age groupDoesn't matter
Class size20
What curriculum
Include full script
Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
Show correct answers
Prepare slides
Number of slides5
Create fill-in cards for students
Create creative backup tasks for unexpected moments

Lesson plan



Grade Level

Doesn't matter


Computer Science

Lesson Structure

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Introduction 5 minutes The teacher will introduce the lesson topic and objectives.
2 What is a computer? 5 minutes The teacher will explain the concept of a computer. Students will identify the different components of a computer and their functions.
3 Hardware vs. Software 5 minutes The teacher will differentiate between hardware and software. Students will list examples of each.
4 Hands-on Activity 10 minutes Students will be asked to perform a simple computer task such as creating a document and saving it. The teacher will provide guidance and support as necessary.
5 Conclusion 5 minutes The teacher will summarize the main points covered in the lesson. Students will be given handouts to take home.


Students will be asked to write a brief paragraph on something they learned in today's lesson. The homework will be checked without asking any students to present it in front of the class.

Lesson script