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Welcome Year 9 students to the exciting world of Algebra! Today, we will explore the basics of Algebra, an area of Mathematics that will open doors to various opportunities. Algebra is the foundation of almost all Math-related fields, including Engineering, Economics, and Computer Science. It will help you understand the patterns and rules that govern quantities and their relationships.


Imagine you have a box of marbles. If you have five marbles and receive six more marbles, how many marbles will you have in total? You probably answered eleven marbles, right? Let's try a similar question, but this time, we will use Algebra.

If you have six marbles and receive x more marbles, how many marbles will you have?


As you can see, we used a variable "x" instead of a specific number. In Algebra, we use variables like x, y, and z to represent an unknown value. By using Algebra, we can find the value of any variable and solve various problems.


Our objective today is to understand the basics of Algebra, such as simplifying expressions, solving equations, and substitution. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to use Algebra to solve real-life problems.

So, let's get started and open doors to Algebra!