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Welcome to our math class today! We are going to have lots of fun learning about addition within 20. Addition is all about adding two or more numbers together. It's a really important math skill to learn because we use it in so many different ways in our everyday lives.


Before we get started, let's warm up our brains with a fun counting game. I will point to different objects around the room, and we will count them together. For example, if I point to the pencils on my desk, we will count "1, 2, 3, 4." Let's see how high we can count!

Let's Learn About Addition

Now that our brains are warmed up, let's dive into learning about addition. We will be using pictures and numbers to help us understand how to add.

Addition within 10

First, let's start with addition within 10. We will use pictures of objects to help us count and add. For example, if we have 3 apples and we add 2 more apples, we will have 5 apples in total. Let's practice some addition problems together using pictures.

Addition within 20

Now, let's move on to addition within 20. We will still be using pictures to help us count and add, but this time we will be adding larger numbers. We will practice adding single digits together and then move on to adding double digits.

Let's Practice

Now, it's time for us to practice some addition problems on our own. I will give you some addition problems and you can use pictures or numbers to help you solve them. Don't worry if you make a mistake - we are all here to learn and grow together!


Great job today, everyone! We learned all about addition within 20 and practiced some fun addition problems. Remember to keep practicing your addition skills at home, and we will see you next time!