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Which subjectMusic
What topicMusic Notation
What length (min)30
What age groupYear or Grade 5
Class size20
What curriculum
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Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
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Number of slides5
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Lesson plan

Subject: Music

Topic: Music Notation

Grade/Age Group: Year/Grade 5

Objective: Students will be able to read basic music notation and identify notes on the treble clef.


Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Lesson Structure

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Warm Up 5 minutes Teachers should have students stretch their hands lightly and get them ready to play a musical instrument.
2 Introduction 5 minutes Explanation of music notation and its importance in playing music.
3 Identifying notes 5 minutes Instruct students on how to identify notes on the treble clef
4 Independent practice 5 minutes Distribute notations handouts to students and have them identify various notes closely supervised by the teacher
5 Group Project 5 minutes Assign students into groups and ask them to create a melody using the notes they just identified.
6 Break 2 minutes Give students 2 minutes break to rest their fingers and stretch lightly.
7 Music notation software 5 minutes Teach students how to use music notation software to create their melodies.
8 Homework 3 minutes Assign homework to students to practice creating melodies with music notation software.
9 Conclusion 5 minutes Summarize what they learnt in the class and encourage them to practice more.

National Curriculum: This lesson aligns with the National Music Education Standards as it has students read, create and interpret musical notations.

Homework: Students will be required to practice creating melodies with music notation software. The teacher will collect the homework for review without necessarily asking individual students to present them in front of the class.

Lesson script

Step 1: Warm Up (5 minutes)

Teacher: "Good morning everyone, let us stretch our hands lightly and get them ready to play some music. Follow me as we stretch back and forth."

Step 2: Introduction (5 minutes)

Teacher: "Today we will learn about music notation and its importance in playing music. Music notation is the written language of music. Without it, playing music can be like speaking without words. So understanding music notation is a crucial skill for any musician."

Step 3: Identifying Notes (5 minutes)

Teacher: "Let's practice identifying notes on the treble clef together. Remember, each line and space represents a different note. Let's start with this note." (points to a note on the whiteboard)

Step 4: Independent Practice (5 minutes)

Teacher: "Now it's time for you to practice identifying various notes. Please take out your notation handouts and complete it closely supervised by me. Let me know if you need any help."

Step 5: Group Project (5 minutes)

Teacher: "Great job everyone! Now, let's form groups and create a melody using the notes we just identified. Please work together and make sure each group member has a part to play."

Step 6: Break (2 minutes)

Teacher: "Okay, let's take a quick break for two minutes to rest our fingers and stretch lightly."

Step 7: Music Notation Software (5 minutes)

Teacher: "Now, let me teach you how to use music notation software to create your melodies. Please pay attention as I demonstrate how to use the software."

Step 8: Homework (3 minutes)

Teacher: "For homework, please practice creating melodies with music notation software. Don't worry, I won't ask for individual presentations of your work, but I will collect it for review."

Step 9: Conclusion (5 minutes)

Teacher: "That's the end of our lesson today. You did a great job in identifying notes and creating your own melodies. Remember to keep practicing and using music notation to improve your musical skills."


  1. What is music notation?
  2. Why is it important for musicians to understand music notation?
  3. Identify the notes on the treble clef and write down their names.
  4. Create a melody using the notes you've identified on the treble clef.
  5. Use music notation software to create your melody and submit your work for review.

Backup questions

  1. Can you explain how to identify notes on a treble clef?
  2. How did your group work together to create a melody?
  3. What are some tips for using music notation software to create melodies?
  4. How will practicing with music notation improve your musical skills?

Physical break

Poem of Simple Physical Exercises:

Arms stretch high, circles round Jumping up and down Knees up high, in a line Squat low, then up to shine

Lunge forward, step back Plank position, hold that track Push up, strong and true Sit up, with a quick adieu

Pedaling fast, bicycle crunch Jump rope, move with a punch These simple moves, will do To get our bodies moving, feeling new!