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  1. What is a computer network? A. A group of interconnected devices B. A single device with internet access C. A hardware component D. A software application

  2. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of computer networks? A. Resource sharing B. Increased security C. Centralized administration D. Enhanced communication

  3. What is a server? A. A device that receives requests from clients and responds with data B. A device that sends requests to clients C. A device that encrypts data D. None of the above

  4. What is the purpose of a router on a computer network? A. It directs data packets to their correct destinations B. It encrypts data C. It controls access to the network D. It provides internet access

  5. Which protocol is used for email communication over the internet? A. FTP B. SMTP C. HTTP D. DHCP

  6. What is a firewall? A. A device that blocks unauthorized access to a network B. A device that amplifies a network signal C. A device that connects multiple networks together D. A device that stores data

  7. Which of the following is a type of network topology? A. Bus B. Circuit C. Switched D. Modulated

  8. What is a LAN? A. Local Access Network B. Large Area Network C. Library Area Network D. Logical Area Network

  9. Which of the following is NOT a type of network architecture? A. Client-Server B. Peer-to-Peer C. Hierarchical D. Organic

  10. What is a DNS server? A. A server that resolves domain names to IP addresses B. A server that sends emails C. A server that stores website data D. A server that filters network traffic.