Create a homework in a form of a quiz. The academic subject for which the text must be created - English. It should be for students studying...
HomeworkCreate a homework in a form of a quiz
Which subjectEnglish
What age groupPreschool
What topicAnimals
Question typesMixed
Number of questions5
Number of answers4
Correct answersExactly 1
Show correct answers
Use images (descriptions)
Any other preferences


Read each question carefully, and select the best answer from the choices provided. If the question does not have answers provided, just write the answer in the blank space provided. Good luck!

  1. What sound does a cat make?
    A. Bark
    B. Meow
    C. Oink
    D. Moo

  2. What animal says "quack"?
    A. Cow
    B. Duck
    C. Pig
    D. Horse

  3. True or False: Elephants can fly.

  4. What is the name of an animal that lives in the water and has a shell on its back?
    A. Dolphin
    B. Shark
    C. Turtle
    D. Octopus

  5. Can you name any animal that lives in the jungle?


  1. B
  2. B
  3. False
  4. C
  5. Answers will vary.