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Which subjectItalian as foreign
What topic
What length (min)30
What age groupAdult courses
Class size20
What curriculum
Include full script
Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
Show correct answers
Prepare slides
Number of slides5
Create fill-in cards for students
Create creative backup tasks for unexpected moments

Lesson plan




Grade/Age Group:

National Curriculum:

Lesson Structure

Step # Step Title Length Details
1 Introduction 5 mins Teacher introduces herself and gives a brief overview of the lesson.
2 Vocabulary 10 mins Teacher uses the whiteboard to write commonly used Italian phrases and their translations. Students repeat the phrases and practice pronunciation.
3 Group Activity 5 mins Students work in groups of 4-5 to create a short dialogue using the phrases they just learned.
4 Dialogue Practice 5 mins Each group presents their dialogue to the rest of the class, with teacher providing feedback on pronunciation and grammar.
5 Printable Cards 5 mins Students receive printable cards and fill in their names and personal information.
6 Collect and Check Cards 5 mins Teacher collects the completed cards and randomly checks them for accuracy.
7 Homework 5 mins Teacher assigns homework and reminds students that she will check it without asking anyone to present it in front of the class.


Lesson script


Good afternoon everyone, welcome to today's Italian lesson. My name is [teacher's name] and today we will learn how to identify and use common Italian phrases in conversation, understand and respond to simple questions in Italian and demonstrate proper pronunciation of Italian words.


Now let's start with the vocabulary, I will write some commonly used Italian phrases on the whiteboard and their translations. Please repeat each phrase after me and practice the pronunciation.

Group Activity

Great job, now it's time for a group activity. Please gather in groups of 4-5 and create a short dialogue using the phrases we just learned.

Dialogue Practice

Very well done, now each group will present their dialogue to the rest of the class. Please pay attention and I will provide feedback on your pronunciation and grammar.

Printable Cards

Moving on, please receive the printable cards and fill in your names and personal information.

Collect and Check Cards

Thank you, please hand in your cards to me so I can randomly check them for accuracy.


Lastly, your homework for tonight is to complete exercise 1A from your textbook. I will check it without asking anyone to present it in front of the class.


That's all for today, you all did an amazing job. Keep practicing and studying and I'll see you next time. Grazie mille!


|--------------|-----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 1 | {Image: A picture of the Italian flag} | Introduction: Welcome to Italian lesson, identify common Italian phrases & their usage, understand & respond to simple questions in Italian, proper pronunciation of words. | | 2 | {Image: A whiteboard with phrases} | Vocabulary: Commonly used Italian phrases & their translations | | 3 | {Image: A group of students} | Group Activity: Create a short dialogue using the phrases learned in groups of 4-5. | | 4 | {Image: A student presenting} | Dialogue Practice: Present dialogues in front of the class with teacher's feedback on pronunciation & grammar. | | 5 | {Image: A printable card} | Printable Cards: Receive and fill in their names and personal information. | | 6 | {Image: Teacher checking cards} | Collect and Check Cards: Hand in cards, teacher randomly checks for accuracy. | | 7 | {Image: A textbook} | Homework: Complete exercise 1A from the textbook. | | 8 | {Image: A thank you message} | Conclusion: Keep practicing & see you next time. Grazie mille! |


  1. Write a short dialogue using at least 5 of the phrases we learned today.
  2. Identify and translate 5 Italian phrases that are commonly used in restaurants.
  3. Listen to an Italian song and try to pick out at least 5 words or phrases that you understand. Write them down and bring them to class next week.
  4. Create flashcards for the vocabulary we learned today. Practice with a friend or family member and try to use each phrase in a sentence.
  5. Research a famous Italian artist, writer, or musician and write a short essay (in English) about their life and achievements.


| -------- | ------ | | What will be covered in today's Italian lesson? | | | What is the purpose of the group activity? | | | What will be done with the printable cards? | | | What is the homework for tonight? | |

Backup questions

  1. What Italian phrase would you use to say "good morning" to your teacher?
  2. Can you think of 3 different ways to politely say "thank you" in Italian?
  3. How would you introduce yourself to a new Italian-speaking friend?
  4. What is the difference between "ciao" and "arrivederci"?
  5. Could you create a mini-dialogue in Italian to order food at a restaurant?