Determine criterias (such as grammar, factual correctness, writing style, plagiarism, correspondence to the topic, etc) and use them to eval...

Grammar and Writing Style

The essay uses reasonably good grammar and writing style, and most sentences are grammatically correct. There are some sentence fragments and run-on sentences which could be corrected. Also, some words are repeatedly used in the essay, which could be varied to make the reading experience better.

Factual Correctness

The basic concepts of the product life cycle are correctly explained in the essay. However, some of the details provided about the different stages may not be entirely accurate. For example, the statement "In the Maturity Phase, sales reach their peak" is not entirely accurate since sales may not always peak in the maturity phase. Also, the details about competitors entering the market and lower profits in the saturation stage are accurate, but the statement "This can start price wars" may not always hold true.

Correspondence to the Topic

The essay correctly stays on the topic of the product life cycle and provides accurate information about the different stages. The information is relevant for students studying English as a second language and could be helpful for understanding marketing concepts.


There is no evidence of plagiarism in the essay, and the author seems to have used their own words to explain the concepts of the product life cycle.

Dates and Their Correspondence to Mentioned Events

There are no specific dates mentioned in the essay, and the events mentioned do not require specific dates for understanding.

Math Calculations

There are no calculations involved in the essay.

Term and Words Definitions

The essay uses basic marketing terms like product life cycle, introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and decline, but does not define them explicitly. However, the descriptions provided for each stage offer a basic understanding of what they mean.

Final Score

The essay shows a good understanding of the basics of the product life cycle, and the content is relevant to the topic. Although there are some improvements that could be made in terms of grammar and sentence structure, the essay shows a decent effort in explaining the concepts. I would give this essay 75 out of 100 points.