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This assignment describes a crime scene investigation, the collected evidence, and the analysis conducted. The aim is to analyze the data following a crime scene investigation and consider possible scenarios, and to present a well-reasoned conclusion about the crime and possible motives.

Evidence and Analysis

List of Evidence/Facts/Considerations

The evidence collected from the crime scene includes:

Participation in a Facilitated Group Discussion

A group discussion took place to examine the gathered data. However, details about the discussion, such as the participants, their perspectives, or the decision-making process were not provided. It would be helpful to include some insights into how the group discussion influenced the analysis and conclusions.

Analysis of Outcomes and Consideration of Possible Scenarios

The analysis mainly focuses on identifying suspects based on the presence of their fingerprints and blood at the crime scene. To improve the analysis, alternative scenarios should be considered, and the evidence should be examined from multiple perspectives. Inconsistencies, potential motives, and other possibilities beyond the obvious suspects should be explored.

Conclusions and Theories about the Crime and Possible Motives

The assignment lacks a clear outline of the findings and theories about how the crime took place. A well-reasoned analysis of the evidence and a coherent theory supported by the gathered data are required. Lennox was found guilty based on the evidence and investigation of motives through statements and items found at the scene. A detailed explanation of the conclusions or theories derived from the analysis is required.

Checklist of Evidence Required


Overall, the assignment meets the criteria for a Pass grade. To achieve a higher grade, alternative scenarios should be considered, more in-depth conclusions and theories should be presented, and the organization and clarity of the report should be improved. Additionally, an observation record should be included to provide a comprehensive overview of the investigation process.