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Welcome to the Mathematics Quiz on Volume of a Cylinder! This quiz is designed for students studying in Year or Grade 8, with questions specifically targeting the topic of volume of a cylinder. Let's see how much you know about this topic!

  1. What is the formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder? A. πr² B. πr³ C. 2πr D. πr²h

  2. A cylinder has a radius of 5cm and a height of 10cm. What is its volume? A. 50π cm³ B. 150π cm³ C. 250π cm³ D. 500π cm³

  3. If the radius of a cylinder is doubled and the height is halved, what is the effect on the volume of the cylinder? A. The volume increases by a factor of 4 B. The volume increases by a factor of 2 C. The volume decreases by a factor of 4 D. The volume decreases by a factor of 2

  4. What is the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 6cm and a height of 8cm? A. 288π cm³ B. 288 cm³ C. 256π cm³ D. 256 cm³

  5. Given the radius and height of a cylinder, how can you find the volume without using the formula? A. Add the radius and height together B. Multiply the radius and height together C. Divide the radius by the height D. Square the radius and height separately then add them together

Good luck with the quiz!