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Which subjectSpanish
What age groupYear or Grade 11
What topicpartes del cuerpo
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To learn and understand the basic vocabulary of the different parts of the body in Spanish.


¡Hola! Welcome to our Spanish class where we will be diving into the world of anatomy. Today, we will be learning about partes del cuerpo, which means parts of the body. Understanding these words is essential for effective communication in Spanish. Through this lesson, we will learn not only the names for these parts but also how to use them in sentences.

Warm-Up Game:

¡Empecemos! (Let's get started!) Play a quick game of Simon Says with the students, with commands using body parts in Spanish. For example, Simon Says, "Tócate la cabeza." (Touch your head.) This will get the students moving and engaged in the lesson.


Next, we will learn the names for the different partes del cuerpo. We will use flashcards to match the Spanish word with the corresponding body part. We will also practice the correct pronunciation of each word. The following are some of the body parts that we will learn:


To practice the vocabulary, we will play a game of "I Spy." The teacher will say "Veo con mis ojos" and a body part in Spanish. Then, the students will try to guess which body part the teacher is referring to.

To further reinforce the vocabulary, we will create sentences using the body parts in Spanish. For example, "Tengo dos ojos" (I have two eyes).


To end the lesson, we will do a quick check-in to evaluate how much the students have learned about partes del cuerpo. Finally, we will ask the students to name five body parts in Spanish to see how much they have retained from the lesson.

¡Muy Bien! Great job, everyone. Keep practicing and soon you will be speaking Spanish like a native speaker!