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Welcome to our English class, fellow adult learners! Today, we will explore the dark truth behind domestic violence. While this may be a heavy and sensitive topic, it is necessary for all of us to have awareness, understanding, and empathy towards the victims and survivors of this abuse.

To begin, let us first explore the meaning of domestic violence. This term refers to any form of abuse or violence that happens in intimate relationships between spouses, partners, or family members. This can include physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual assault, and verbal threats.

It is important for us to recognize that domestic violence can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, or social status. It is also crucial to understand that domestic violence is never the victim's fault. Perpetrators often use manipulation and control tactics to make their victims believe that they deserve the abuse or that the abuse is their fault.

In this lesson, we will dive deeper into the different types of domestic violence and how they manifest in relationships. Through powerful stories and real-life examples, we hope to raise your awareness and encourage you to be an ally and advocate for those who may be experiencing domestic violence.

Let us get started on this important and eye-opening journey towards uncovering and combatting domestic violence.