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As you may already know, angles are a fundamental part of mathematics. Angles are everywhere! They're in the shapes we draw, the way we measure things, and even in the way we look at things. So, what exactly are angles?

Defining Angles

An angle is a measure of the amount of turn between two lines that meet at a point. This point is called the vertex of the angle. The lines are called the sides or legs of the angle. We typically measure angles in degrees or radians.

Let's take a look at some examples of angles:


Types of Angles

There are several types of angles that we need to be familiar with. The most common types of angles are:

Measuring Angles

Measuring angles accurately is an important skill in mathematics. We use a tool called a protractor to measure angles. Protractors have a half-circle shape, with degrees marked around the circle.

Let's practice measuring some angles using a protractor:



Now that we've introduced the basics of angles, we're ready to dive deeper into this fascinating topic. With practice and patience, we can become experts in measuring and manipulating angles!