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Good morning/afternoon, class! Today we are going to travel through time to learn about the first Bulgarian state. Imagine being in Bulgaria around 1,300 years ago, when the first Bulgarian state was emerging. What do you think life was like back then?

Let's Explore!

Origin of the Bulgarians

First, let's start with the origin of the Bulgarians. They were believed to have been a tribe that migrated from central Asia to Europe around the 7th century. Can you imagine walking with your family and friends for months or even a year to find a new place to live?

Foundation of the First Bulgarian State

During the 7th century, the first Bulgarian state was founded. It was a combination of Bulgarian tribes, which formed their own state with a ruler named Khan Asparuh.

Important Figures of the First Bulgarian State

There were many important figures in the first Bulgarian state. One of them was Khan Krum - a powerful ruler who expanded the Bulgarian state's borders and helped to establish its reputation as a strong and independent country. Can you think of other important figures who were influential in the first Bulgarian state?


Religion also played an important role during this time period. The Bulgarians were pagans, meaning they worhshipped multiple gods and goddesses. However, Christianity was introduced to Bulgaria by the Byzantine Empire, and eventually became the main religion in the state.


To conclude, we have learned about the origin of the Bulgarians, the foundation of the first Bulgarian state, important figures during that time period, and the role of religion. I hope you were as excited to learn about the first Bulgarian state as I was to teach you! Remember to always be curious and constantly ask questions. Thank you for joining me today!