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Lesson planLesson plan
What to createLesson plan
Which subjectSpanish
What topicReview Las Partes del Cuerpo
What length (min)50
What age groupYear or Grade 5
Include homework
Include images descriptions
Any other preferencesAdd two games, one fun warm up, one wrap




Review Las Partes del Cuerpo (The Parts of the Body)

Grade Level

Year or Grade 5 (Age of students: 9-10)

Time Duration

50 minutes


Materials Needed


Warm-up (10 minutes)

The teacher will start by leading a fun warm-up game to get students excited and energized for the lesson. The game could be Simon Says, where students follow the teacher's commands for touching different parts of their own body, using the correct Spanish vocabulary.

Introduction (5 minutes)

The teacher will introduce the topic and review the basic vocabulary for the parts of the body in Spanish. The teacher can use pictures and flashcards to help reinforce the words and their meanings.

Practice (25 minutes)

The teacher will conduct different activities to practice using the vocabulary in relevant contexts, such as:

Conclusion (5 minutes)

The teacher will wrap up the activities by reviewing the key vocabulary and concepts, and checking students' understanding. The teacher will also encourage students to ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have.

Wrap-up (5 minutes)

The teacher will end the lesson by leading a fun wrap-up game to reinforce the vocabulary and concepts covered in the lesson. The game could be a charades or pictionary style game, where students take turns acting out or drawing different parts of the body, using the correct Spanish vocabulary.


The teacher will evaluate students' learning through observation, participation, and performance in the different activities. The teacher will also provide feedback and support to individual students as needed, and offer additional resources and practice opportunities for students who need more review.