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Which subjectHealth
What age groupYear or Grade 11
What topicMedical terminology
Number of lessons10
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Course Goal

The goal of this course is to enable high school students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology. By the end of the course, students will have the ability to recognize, understand and utilize the proper terms for various medical conditions, procedures, and systems.

Course Aims

  1. Learn basic medical terminology prefixes, suffixes, and root words.
  2. Understand the importance of communication with medical professionals by utilizing proper medical terminology.
  3. Recognize the anatomical structures of the human body and their associated terminology.
  4. Comprehend the correct medical terminology of medical procedures and interventions.
  5. Differentiate between common medical terms and their associated meanings.
  6. Appreciate the need for precise communication in medical fields.
  7. Understand and appreciate the contributions of medical terminology to medical practice and healthcare.

Module 1: Introduction to Medical Terminology

Lesson 1: Introduction to Medical Terminology Lesson 2: Word Parts: Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words and Combining Forms Lesson 3: Structure of Medical Words

Module 2: Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Lesson 4: Anatomical References Lesson 5: Tissues, Organs, and Systems Lesson 6: Medical Terminology associated with the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems.

Module 3: Medical Procedures and Interventions

Lesson 7: Medical Procedures Lesson 8: Medications and Medical Devices Lesson 9: Medical Terminology associated with Diagnosis and Treatment of Medical Conditions

Module 4: Medical Terminology in Healthcare

Lesson 10: Communication in Healthcare and Medical Documentation

By following these structured modules consisting of ten lessons, high school students studying at Year or Grade 11 can acquire a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology, leading to more precise communication with healthcare professionals, and an appreciation for the valuable contribution of medical terminology to the field.