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Answer the following questions based on the importance of missionary work for Christians in the 21st century.

  1. What is the main goal of missionary work? A. To explore new cultures B. To convert people to Christianity C. To learn new languages D. To build schools and hospitals E. To make new friends

  2. When did missionary work begin? A. In the 20th century B. In the 19th century C. In the 18th century D. In the 17th century E. In the 16th century

  3. Which religious group was most known for sending missionaries? A. Protestants B. Catholics C. Buddhists D. Muslims E. Hindus

  4. What role did Christianity play in colonialism? A. It was not involved at all B. It was used to justify colonialism C. It was against colonialism D. It was used to communicate with native populations E. It had no impact on colonialism

  5. What is the impact of missionary work on indigenous cultures? A. It strengthens their cultural identity B. It weakens their cultural identity C. It has no impact on their cultural identity D. It causes cultural conflicts E. It has no impact on their daily lives

  6. How has missionary work changed in the 21st century? A. It has become more focused on social justice issues B. It has become less popular C. It has become more focused on converting people D. It has become more violent E. It has not changed at all

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