Create a Quiz. The academic subject for which the text must be created - Religion. It should be for students studying at Year or Grade 3 (ag...
What to createQuiz
Which subjectReligion
What age groupYear or Grade 3
What topicMorals
Question typesClose-ended
Number of questions5
Number of answers4
Correct answersExactly 1
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  1. What are morals? A. A code of conduct B. A type of clothing C. A type of food D. A type of music

  2. Why is it important to have good morals? A. To make friends B. To have a happy life C. To break rules D. To make others unhappy

  3. What do many religions teach about morals? A. It's okay to lie B. It's okay to steal C. It's important to be kind and honest D. It's important to be mean to others

  4. Can morals change over time? A. Yes, they can change depending on the situation B. No, they never change C. Maybe, but only if it's sunny outside D. Only during a full moon

  5. How can we improve our morals? A. By watching more TV B. By practicing good behavior C. By being mean to others D. By never saying sorry


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B