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What topicAddition
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Welcome, young mathematicians, to the Great Addition Adventure! Today, we will be delving into the exciting world of addition and learning how to add numbers together to find the total. Get ready to put on your thinking caps and explore this fascinating subject together!


Are you ready for an adventure? Well, put on your backpacks and join me on a math journey! We are going to embark on a mission to solve some tricky addition problems, but don't worry - we'll have plenty of fun along the way.


First, let's play a quick game called "Addition Scavenger Hunt". I will give you a list of items and a number for each. Your task is to find those items and add up the numbers to get the total. Remember, add means to find the sum of two or more numbers.

For example, if I say "find 3 pencils and add them up", you would find three pencils and count them - 1, 2, 3. Then, you would add them up - 1+1+1=3. So, the total is 3 pencils.

Let's work together and find the items on the list I give you. Are you ready to get started?


Great job everyone! You all did a fantastic job with our scavenger hunt. You have now learned how to add numbers together to find the total. Thanks for joining me on the Great Addition Adventure and I can't wait to explore with you again. See you all next time!