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Which subjectEnglish as second
What age groupYear or Grade 1
What topicJobs
Number of lessons37
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The goal of this course is to equip Year 1 students with the basic English skills needed to understand and talk about jobs. By the end of the course, students should be able to read and write simple job-related vocabulary, and talk about different jobs and job-related tasks in basic sentences.


Module 1: Introduction to Jobs (Lessons 1-4)

Module 2: Popular Jobs and Their Responsibilities (Lessons 5-11)

Module 3: Building Job-related Vocabulary (Lessons 12-20)

Module 4: Job Application (Lessons 21-26)

Module 5: Job Safety and Ethics (Lessons 27-30)

Module 6: Career Day Preparations (Lessons 31-36)

Conclusion and Final Test (Lesson 37)