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Welcome to your business class! Today, we will be exploring Tuckman's model of team dynamics, a theory that proposes a framework to understand how effective teams develop over time.

Before we dive deeper into the theoretical aspects, let us start with an activity that will help you understand the importance of collaborative teamwork in the business world.


  1. Divide the class into groups of four or five students.
  2. Give each group a box, wrapped in colorful paper
  3. Instruct the groups that they have five minutes to unwrap the box, without breaking anything or tearing the paper.
  4. However, there's a catch – each member can only use one hand to unwrap the box.
  5. After the five minutes, give each group two minutes to reflect on the activity and come up with a list of challenges they faced while trying to unwrap the box.
  6. Once all the groups have completed the activity, ask them to share their experiences with the class.


Now, let us connect the activity with Tuckman's model. The process of unboxing the box symbolizes the forming stage, where the team members are getting familiar with one another, understanding their roles and objectives. The catch of using only one hand signifies the storming stage, where the team faces conflicts and power struggles as they try to establish their position within the group. Finally, the reflection stage represents the norming stage, where the team members resolve their differences and work together towards achieving a common goal.


In conclusion, this simple yet engaging activity enables students to comprehend the key concepts of Tuckman's model of team dynamics. It demonstrates the significance of teamwork, communication, and collaboration in the business world.