Give a creative idea how to organize and what to do at a part of the lesson. The needed lesson part is called - Practical work. The academic...
aimia_m_lessonanyideas_requestGive a creative idea how to organize and what to do at a part of the lesson
What part of a lessonPractice
Which subjectEnglish as second
What age groupYear or Grade 8
What topicwriting paragraphs
Any other preferences

In this practical work session, students will have the opportunity to actively practice writing paragraphs. The focus will be on developing a solid, cohesive paragraph structure and using appropriate language to express their ideas.

Materials needed:


  1. Begin with a brief review of what makes a good paragraph. Discuss the basic structure: a clear topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence that summarizes the main point.
  2. Provide students with a writing prompt or topic related to their current lessons in English language. For example, they could write a paragraph about the importance of reading or describe their favorite hobby.
  3. Brainstorm as a class to generate ideas and key points they could include in their paragraphs.
  4. Have students begin writing their paragraphs, encouraging them to focus on using the proper sentence structure and vocabulary.
  5. As they write, circulate around the classroom, providing feedback and guidance as needed.
  6. Once students have completed their paragraphs, have them share with a partner or small group. This will promote peer review and provide an opportunity for students to practice their presentation skills.
  7. Finally, conclude the activity by highlighting strong examples of paragraphs and discussing what made them effective.

This practical work session will provide students with a hands-on experience of writing paragraphs in English. By following this structured approach, they should be able to develop their writing skills and learn how to express their ideas in a clear and concise manner.