Give a creative idea how to organize and what to do at a part of the lesson. The needed lesson part is called - Individual work of students....
aimia_m_lessonanyideas_requestGive a creative idea how to organize and what to do at a part of the lesson
What part of a lessonIndividual work
Which subjectLiterature
What age groupYear or Grade 7
What topicWriting a soliloquy as calpurnia in Julius Caesar
Any other preferences


During this part of the lesson, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the play Julius Caesar by writing a soliloquy as Calpurnia. This activity is designed to encourage students to think deeply about Calpurnia’s character and motivations, and to express those thoughts in a creative way.



  1. Begin by giving students a brief overview of soliloquies and their importance in literature. Explain that a soliloquy is a speech made by a character alone on stage, usually revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings.

  2. Share a few examples of soliloquies from literature, either from Julius Caesar or another work. Discuss with students what each soliloquy reveals about the character who speaks it.

  3. Next, distribute copies of the section of Julius Caesar that features Calpurnia. Have students read this section silently, paying close attention to Calpurnia’s thoughts, feelings, and motivations.

  4. Once students have finished reading, ask them to brainstorm what Calpurnia might say in a soliloquy. Encourage them to consider Calpurnia’s fears, desires, hopes, and regrets, and to think about how her character fits into the larger themes of the play.

  5. Once students have had some time to brainstorm, give them the opportunity to share their ideas with the class. Encourage peer feedback and discussion, and help students to clarify their ideas as needed.

  6. Finally, invite students to begin writing their soliloquies. Remind them to focus on expressing Calpurnia’s innermost thoughts and feelings, and to use vivid imagery and language to bring her character to life.


Writing a soliloquy as Calpurnia is a challenging and rewarding activity that can help students deepen their understanding of the character and the play as a whole. By encouraging them to express themselves creatively through writing, this activity can also help students develop their own voice and style as writers.