Titles of parts of the lesson must be formatted as headings. Needed is Lesson script. The academic subject for which the text must be create...
Lesson planTitles of parts of the lesson must be formatted as headings
What to createLesson script
Which subjectPhysical education
What topiccardiovascular system
What length (min)30
What age groupCollege
Include homework
Include images descriptions
Any other preferences

Introduction (2 minutes)

Understanding the Cardiovascular System (10 minutes)

Effects of Physical Activity on the Cardiovascular System (10 minutes)

Cardiovascular Health and Disease (5 minutes)

Conclusion and Homework (3 minutes)

Homework Assignment

  1. Research and list at least three exercises that can improve cardiovascular health.
  1. What is the recommended amount of physical activity per week for adults?
  1. List two common risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.