Titles of parts of the lesson must be formatted as headings. Needed is Lesson plan. The academic subject for which the text must be created ...
Lesson planTitles of parts of the lesson must be formatted as headings
What to createLesson plan
Which subjectMathematics
What topicShape
What length (min)30
What age groupYear or Grade 5
Include homework
Include images descriptions
Any other preferences

Grade/Year Level

Grade/Year 5 (Age of students is 9-10)


30 minutes






  1. Introduction (5 minutes)

    • The teacher greets the students and presents the topic on Shape.
    • Students are asked to share their knowledge or examples of different shapes.
  2. Identifying Shapes (5 minutes)

    • The teacher presents the different shapes cut-outs and ask students to name each one.
    • Students will be asked to describe the properties of each shape.
  3. Properties of Shapes (10 minutes)

    • The teacher draws a table on chart paper and labels the columns with 2D and 3D shapes.
    • Students will be asked to describe the properties of each shape and decide whether it is 2D or 3D shape.
    • Teacher will clarify doubts and reinforce concepts by giving examples that students can relate to.
  4. Drawing and Labeling Shapes (5 minutes)

    • The teacher distributes paper and markers to students.
    • Students will draw and label different shapes with their properties.
  5. Recap (5 minutes)

    • The teacher will recap the key concepts learned in the lesson.
  6. Homework (Worksheet) (5 minutes)

    • The teacher distributes the worksheet to the students.
    • The teacher explains the tasks and how to solve them.
    • Students are given time to complete the worksheet.

Homework Worksheet

  1. Name the shapes given below:





  1. Draw 2 different shapes with 5 sides each.

  2. Write two examples of 3D shapes that you can see around you.

  3. How many cubes are there in the stack below?


  1. a. triangle b. rectangle c. hexagon d. circle

  2. [Answers may vary.]

  3. [Answers may vary.]

  4. 5