Give a creative idea how to begin a lesson. The academic subject for which the text must be created - English. It should be for students stu...
Lesson start ideasGive a creative idea how to begin a lesson
Which subjectEnglish
What age groupYear or Grade 11
What topicMacbeth
Any other preferences


Welcome to our English class today, Year/Grade 11 students! We're diving into one of Shakespeare's most classic tales, Macbeth. But before we begin, I want to start with a little surprise.


I have a very special guest joining us today. This guest is an actor, and he will be performing a short monologue from Macbeth. Please give a round of applause for our special guest, [insert actor's name here]!

Cue dramatic entrance music

Actor Monologue

[Actor enters room, dressed in character as Macbeth. He stands at the front of the classroom and recites a monologue from the play. The monologue should be short and engaging, leaving the students wanting more.]


Wow, wasn't that amazing?! Let's give another round of applause for our special guest. I hope that performance has piqued your interest in our upcoming exploration of Macbeth. Now, let's dive into some discussion questions:

  1. What themes from the monologue did you find most intriguing?
  2. How do you think Macbeth's character will develop throughout the play?
  3. What can we learn from Shakespeare's use of language in this monologue?


Thank you for joining me in this unique introduction to our Macbeth unit. I hope you're excited to dive further into the play and explore its many themes. See you in our next class!