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Which subjectEnglish
What topicNarrative
What length (min)30
What age groupYear or Grade 6
Class size20
What curriculum
Include full script
Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
Show correct answers
Prepare slides
Number of slides5
Create fill-in cards for students
Create creative backup tasks for unexpected moments

Lesson plan



Grade/Age Group:

Year/Grade 6


National Curriculum:

Lesson Structure:

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Introduction and Recap 3 mins Recap the previous lesson by asking students to share one thing they learned. Briefly introduce the objectives using the whiteboard.
2 Narrative Components 10 mins Use the whiteboard to provide a clear definition of the component parts of a narrative (e.g. setting, characters, plot). Have students work in pairs to fill out their printed narrative cards with examples.
3 Group Activity 10 mins Divide students into small groups of 4-5 and give them a prompt for a narrative. Have each group discuss and create a rough draft of a narrative together.
4 Sharing and Feedback 3 mins Have each group share their narrative with the class. Give brief feedback on the strongest aspects and areas for improvement.
5 Individual Writing 3 mins Give students the remainder of the time to draft their own narrative using one of the prompts given earlier.
6 Conclusion and Homework 1 min Remind students of the homework assignment (to finish their narrative) and collect the printed narrative cards for later use.


Students will work in pairs for Step 2 and in small groups for Step 3.


The teacher will collect the completed narrative cards during Step 5 and review the individual narratives as homework. The group activity will also be assessed through participation and the quality of group writing.

Lesson script

Step 1: Introduction and Recap (3 mins)

Step 2: Narrative Components (10 mins)

Step 3: Group Activity (10 mins)

Step 4: Sharing and Feedback (3 mins)

Step 5: Individual Writing (15 mins)

Step 6: Conclusion and Homework (1 min)


  1. What are the three components of a narrative?
  2. Give an example of a setting from a narrative.
  3. Who are the characters in your individual narrative?
  4. What is the plot of the narrative you created in your group?
  5. What aspect of your group narrative do you think was the strongest? Why?
  6. How will you improve your individual narrative before submitting it as homework?
  7. Can you identify any similarities or differences between the narratives created by the different groups in class today?


|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------| | What are the components of a narrative? | | | Can you give an example of a setting in a narrative? | | | What is the definition of a plot in a narrative? | | | What is the purpose of group work in this lesson? | | | What are some strong aspects of your group's narrative? | | | What is the homework for tonight? | | | How much time is given for individual writing? | | | What are the three objectives of this lesson? | | | What is the purpose of the printed narrative cards provided in this lesson? | | | What is the main topic being taught in this lesson? | |

Backup questions

  1. If you could add one more component to a narrative, what would it be and why?
  2. Can you think of a narrative you've read or watched that had a unique setting? What was it and what impact did it have on the story?
  3. How might a story's plot change if you switched the main character with the villain?
  4. What is the most important part of a narrative in your opinion? Why?
  5. Think about the rough draft you created in small groups. If you could go back and change one thing about it, what would it be and why?