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Which subjectMusic
What topicThe blues
What length (min)30
What age groupYear or Grade 7
Class size20
What curriculum
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Number of slides5
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Lesson plan



Grade/Age Group

National Curriculum Alignment

Lesson Structure

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Introduction to the Blues 5 mins Define the blues genre and its origins. Play a few blues tracks for students to listen to and discuss their initial impressions.
2 Characteristics of the Blues 5 mins Discuss the common musical characteristics of the blues, such as the use of specific instruments, chord progressions, and vocal styles.
3 Analyzing Blues Lyrics 10 mins Hand out the lyrics to a blues song and have students analyze it using a worksheet that includes questions about the message, themes, and use of literary devices.
4 Group Task 5 mins Divide students into groups of four and assign each group a different blues song to perform. They should collaborate on how to make the song their own, adding new instrumentals or lyrics as they see fit.
5 Presentations 5 mins Each group will perform their song for the class, and the class will give feedback on what they liked about each rendition.
6 Conclusion 5 mins Summarize what we learned about the blues and its importance in music history. Assign the lyrics analysis as homework.


Lesson script

Hello, students! Today, we're going to be learning about the blues genre of music. The blues originated in the American South in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and it's known for its soulful vocals, use of specific instruments, and unique chord progressions.

Let's listen to a few blues tracks and discuss your initial impressions of the genre.

Characteristics of the Blues

Now that we've got a sense of what the blues sounds like, let's talk about some of the common characteristics that define the genre. These include the use of specific instruments like the guitar, harmonica, and piano, as well as characteristic chord progressions that give the music its distinctive sound. We'll also discuss the vocal styles that are often used in blues music.

Analyzing Blues Lyrics

Next up, we'll be looking at the words that make up a blues song. I'm going to hand out lyrics to a blues song, and you'll be working with a partner to analyze the message, themes, and use of literary devices. Please make sure to read through the lyrics carefully and take your time answering the questions on the worksheet.

Group Task

For our next activity, I'm going to divide you into groups of four. Each group will be assigned a different blues song to perform. Your task is to collaborate with your group members to make the song your own. You can add new instrumentals or lyrics as you see fit.


Now it's time to perform your songs for the rest of the class. Each group will take turns presenting their rendition of the song. Make sure to pay attention to each group's performance, and we'll discuss what we liked about each one afterwards.


Great job today, everyone! We learned a lot about the blues genre of music, from its origins to the characteristics that make it unique. As homework, I'd like you to complete the lyrics analysis worksheet, which we handed out earlier. Don't forget to answer all of the questions in detail!

Thank you for your attention today, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next time.


| ------------ | ----- | ------------- | | 1 | {Image: An image of a guitar} | Introduction to the blues genre | | 2 | {Image: An image of a harmonica} | Characteristics of the blues genre, including guitars, harmonicas, and pianos, as well as unique chord progressions and soulful vocal styles | | 3 | {Image: A picture of a worksheet} | Analyzing blues lyrics as a class activity, including the lyrics, message, themes, and literary devices | | 4 | {Image: An image of a group of four people playing instruments together} | Collaborating with group members to perform a blues song in a personalized manner | | 5 | {Image: An image of two performers on stage with a guitar and microphone} | Presenting each group's personalized rendition of their assigned blues song and discussing the highlights of each performance |