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Test your knowledge of geometry with these five questions. Good luck!

  1. What is the formula for the area of a rectangle? A. length x width B. base x height C. 2 x (length + width) D. 2 x (base + height)

  2. Which of the following shapes has no 90-degree angles? A. square B. rectangle C. rhombus D. trapezoid

  3. What is the perimeter of a square with sides measuring 5 cm? A. 10 cm B. 15 cm C. 20 cm D. 25 cm

  4. How many degrees are in a triangle? A. 90 degrees B. 120 degrees C. 180 degrees D. 360 degrees

  5. What is the formula for the circumference of a circle? A. pi x diameter B. pi x radius C. 2 x pi x diameter D. 2 x pi x radius