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Lesson planLesson plan
What to createLesson plan
Which subjectMathematics
What topicIntroduction of the concept of inverse proportionality: Mini-lesson inverse proportionality
What length (min)45
What age groupYear or Grade 7
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Grade level

Year or Grade 7 (ages 11-12)




45 minutes


Introduction to the Concept of Inverse Proportionality: Mini-Lesson Inverse Proportionality


Students will be able to understand the concept of inverse proportionality and how it relates to real-life situations.

Materials needed


  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
  1. Definition of inverse proportionality (10 minutes)
  1. Mathematical representation (10 minutes)
  1. Examples (10 minutes)
  1. Practice (10 minutes)
  1. Summary (5 minutes)


Assess the students' understanding of inverse proportionality through their participation in class discussions and their performance on the worksheet.