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Simplify your teaching in seconds using the power of 30 AI engines.

Helps teachers from 48201 schools and institutions replace other AI tools like:
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48201 teachers and tutors use Aidemia as the main toolkit for creating and organizing their academic content and teaching workflow, on average reducing their workload by 90 minutes a day.

Utilise the cumulative power of over 30 AI tools in one account without overpaying.
Get content and workflows adjusted to your teaching style and student needs.
Use it and share access across devices and platforms for seamless experience.

What you get

Every feature adjusts to your personal preferences.
Lesson plans
Full set of content for a successfull lesson.
Creative ideas
Insights for each lesson stage or other activites.
Workflow automation
Long-term planning of your courses and lessons.
Unique science-backed advice on any academic situation.
Quiz creator
Making and assinging tests and analysing results.
Restyling, shortening, or extending any written content.
Personal & group assignments based on student needs.
Creative slides for lessons and other events
Questions and plans for discussions on any topic.
Essay grading
Grading essays or any other written work in seconds.
Unique stories on any topics for any age groups.
Parent meetings
Scrips and templates for organising parent meetings.
Restyling and rewriting any content in seconds.
Plagiarism check
Long-term planning of your courses and lessons.
And 20 more
Restyling and rewriting any content in seconds.

Used by leading teachers and institutions

Tutors, teachers, coaches, schools, and businesses in 74 countries use Aidemia.

96% teacher satisfaction rate in 2023

Amy, UK
Aidemia is an absolute game-changer for educators seeking to streamline content creation. As a teacher, time is always of the essence, and Aidemia understands this perfectly. Its intuitive interface and plethora of AI-powered tools significantly cut down the time required to generate high-quality academic content.

Whether it's crafting lesson plans, designing quizzes, or creating presentations, Aidemia's efficiency allows me to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks. With its seamless integration of various tools into one platform, I can easily navigate through different functionalities without wasting precious minutes switching between multiple applications.
Young, Ireland
Aidemia isn't just a time-saver, it's also a money-saver. By consolidating the features of numerous AI tools into one platform, Aidemia eliminates the need for costly subscriptions to multiple services. As an educator, staying within budget while still accessing cutting-edge resources is crucial, and Aidemia delivers on this front.

From grammar checking to plagiarism detection and beyond, Aidemia's comprehensive toolkit ensures that I don't have to allocate funds to numerous standalone tools. This cost-effective approach not only benefits individual educators but also educational institutions looking to optimize their resource allocation.
Alex, USA
One of Aidemia's standout features is its ability to tailor content to individual student needs, even in collaborative settings. This personalized approach ensures that academic material resonates with students on a deeper level, leading to improved comprehension and retention.

Whether I'm creating content for a diverse classroom or facilitating group projects, Aidemia's adaptive algorithms ensure that each student receives content optimized for their learning style and proficiency level. By fostering a more engaging and inclusive learning environment, Aidemia ultimately contributes to better academic outcomes for all students involved.