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Which subjectReading
What topicChildbook
What length (min)30
What age groupYear or Grade 10
Class size20
What curriculum
Include full script
Check previous homework
Ask some students to presents their homework
Add a physical break
Add group activities
Include homework
Show correct answers
Prepare slides
Number of slides5
Create fill-in cards for students
Create creative backup tasks for unexpected moments

Lesson plan


This lesson is for Grade/Year 10 students and is centered around the topic of Childbook. The lesson will be 30 minutes long and will include homework review, group task, physical activity, and the assignment of homework. The aim of the lesson is to improve reading comprehension skills while exploring the theme of childhood literature.



Lesson Structure

Step Number Step Title Length Details
1 Homework Review 5 mins Check homework without asking students to present
2 Introduction 5 mins Welcome students, brief overview of Childbook theme
3 Reading Activity 10 mins Distribute printed cards to students and ask them to fill them out
4 Group Task 5 mins Assign students in groups and ask them to discuss completed cards
5 Physical Activity 2 mins Conduct a physical activity to boost cognition
6 Class Discussion 3 mins Ask the groups to present their findings
7 Conclusion 5 mins Sum up the lesson and assign homework

Homework Assignment

Students will be assigned a reading task from the textbook and will have to summarize the key points of the chapter in their own words. The homework assignment will be collected in the next class.

This lesson adheres to the national curriculum and helps students develop crucial reading comprehension and critical thinking skills while exploring important literature themes.

Lesson script


Reading Activity

Group Task

Physical Activity

Class Discussion



| --- | --- | --- | | 1 | {Image: A welcome sign} | Welcome students and ask if anyone has questions regarding the homework | | 2 | {Image: A book cover with "Childbook" title} | Introduction: Briefly introduce the theme of Childbook. Ask if students know anything about the topic. | | 3 | {Image: A printed card} | Reading Activity: Distribute printed cards. Instruct students to read the card and fill it out with their thoughts and feelings about the theme. | | 4 | {Image: A group of 3-4 students} | Group Task: Assign students into groups of 3-4. Ask them to discuss their completed cards and come up with a group idea on how to represent their interpretations of the completed card. | | 5 | {Image: Students doing stretching exercises} | Physical Activity: Conduct a physical activity like stretching to boost cognition and put the students in a better state of mind. | | 6 | {Image: Students presenting their ideas} | Class Discussion: Ask the groups to present their group idea and encourage class discussion about the presented ideas. | | 7 | {Image: A homework sheet} | Conclusion: Sum up the lesson and ask students if they have any further questions about the theme or the lesson. Assign homework for the next class and thank the students for their participation and hard work. |


  1. What is Childbook and what are some common themes that are explored in this genre?
  2. Describe the reading activity from today's lesson. What did you write on your card and why did you choose those thoughts and feelings?
  3. Who was in your group for the group task? What was your group's idea to represent your interpretation of the completed card?
  4. Reflect on the physical activity that was conducted in class today. How did it make you feel and how do you think it impacted your cognitive performance?
  5. During the class discussion, what were some unique ideas for representing interpretations of completed cards? Which idea did you find most interesting and why?


|---------------------------------------------------------|--------| | Do you know anything about the theme of Childbook? | | | What are your thoughts and feelings about the theme? | | | What ideas did you come up with in your group discussion?| | | How does physical activity help boost cognition? | | | Which group idea did you find most interesting and why? | | | Do you have any further questions about the theme or lesson? | |

Backup questions

Physical break

Stretch your arms up high, Jump and spread them wide. Get your knees up high, if you don't you'll have to try.

Bend your knees and lunge, keep your back upright like a sponge. Squat down low, push through your feet, raise your arms up high, makes it a treat.

Get down on the floor, place your hands right next to your core. Lower your body down, push back up, then turn around.

Hold yourself in line, straight as a board, you'll have a good time. Lift your legs, curl up tight, touch your toes, it feels just right.

Circle your arms around, as if you're drawing a circle on the ground. Swing your legs side to side, feel the tension as it slowly subsides.